The 5 C’s Of A Great Wedding Photographer

For our first post we want to talk about how important it is to choose your wedding photographer. Have you thought about it? Probably yes, but not enough to compare it with all the other things you have to plan for your wedding and understand its great importance.

If you take a moment to think about it, choosing a good wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions in your planning. why? … Because your wedding pictures are the only thing that will remain after the big event; everything else will be over that same day.

But what does it mean to have a “good” photographer?

There are many factors to consider but let’s talk about our 5 C’s of a good wedding photographer you can analyze to make the best decision.

The Call

If you call or chat to ask for a quotation and they only say Hello and send you a PDF with the prices… run away! A good photographer will be interested in your event, ask questions and offer you something according to your needs. We suggest setting a meeting, either having a coffee or meet virtual to get to know the couple and explain how the service works before giving a price.


If your photographer explains each part of the service, how it works, what time it starts, tips before and during the event (which we will tell you about in other posts) is something that you must value in your decision. Fluid communication will help you feel more secure during the big day.

For example, coordinating a meeting a week before the wedding day to coordinate any changes and obtain important information is recommended.


Sure! Let’s not forget the final product and let’s not just talk about the service. The images must be spectacular, and you can check their work on their website, on social media and even ask questions about this during the meeting.


By now you will know if you connect with your photographer. The connection you feel with the person or team is super important. Remember that they will follow you throughout that day, so you have to feel comfortable!


And finally, evaluate their commitment. Are they passionate about their work? Do you feel they are enjoying when they talk about taking pictures? Did they follow up on your requests? By answering these questions, you can get an idea of ​​the level of commitment, and this is is also very attached to punctuality in post-production. Check with your photographer the contract and delivery times.

As you can see, there are several things to evaluate, but we are sure that you will decide on the best option when you remember these tips.

In the meantime, enjoy every moment during the planning of your big day.